Baking & Bread

High quality baking caramels are sweet but not cloying. They blend a caramel flavor (cooked sugar notes) with dairy or browned butter notes. Specifically, the candies have a caramel brown color and may be shiny. A caramel note from cooked sugar dominates the aroma and flavor profile.

In high-quality basil flavored olive oil, visible basil sediment is expected and should be vibrant green to communicate fresh versus dried basil. It should have sweet, fresh basil notes present. The taste profile will include a slight bitter intensity from the olives.

High-quality pepper and cardamom flavored olive oil should have an orange, chili-oil like appearance with some visible sediments present from the chili pepper. The aroma and flavor profiles should include a pronounced leel of the labeled flavor notes.

The taste profile of a high-quality raisin bread should lead with sweet and salty, followed by sour and some bitterness. The texture should be tender to bite and be moist.

Extra virgin olive oil has a pungent, earthy flavor that lends itself well to Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as simple dressings for vegetables. High-quality extra virgin olive oil has a high olive aroma and flavor and a bitter taste profile.

The aroma and flavor profile of a high-quality frozen garlic breadstick combines toasty bread with garlic, butter, oil and herbs. They should be salty with some sweetness.

High-quality garlic and herb pita chips have a toasty grain flavor and a crunchy texture. They have a variegated appearance from visible salt and ground whole grains.

A high-quality garlic olive oil will include powdered and roasted garlic notes to round out any sharpness from the raw garlic present. The tast profile should include a slight bitter intensity from the olives.

Everyone loves the heart-healthy properties of olive oil, but not everyone loves the pungent taste. Light olive oil is perfect for consumers who prefer an olive taste not come through, as when making desserts or non-Mediterranean ethnic dishes.

When it comes to English muffins, a high-quality variety should be tender, chewy, and moist with the toasted flavor of fermented and baked dough. They are evenly baked, top and bottom, with an open crumb structure.

A pantry staple, high-quality pure olive oil has a moderate olive aroma and flavor and a bitter taste profile. It has some richness and a moderate rate of dissolve. Specifically, the olive oil has a clear golden green color and appears thick.

Our chefs define high-quality seasoned croutons as having a consistent and even bake so that all croutons in a package are similar in toastiness and color. Though they should generally be the same size with little variation, the size of croutons is not as important as their crunchy consistency.

The aroma and flavor profiles for soy ginger olive oil should include a pronounced level labeled flavor notes (soy and ginger), with the olive oil intensity lower to remain in the background. The labeled flavors should be easily identifiable - not muddled.

High quality Stevia brings sweetness to the Black Tea to balance its bitterness and the sweetness and has a low to moderate linger on the palate.

Whole wheat bread is a healthier and more flavorful alternative to white bread. Its sweet, toasted notes add a little extra intrigue to sandwiches and breakfast favorites like French toast, while its fiber aids digestion and reduces cholesterol.

High-quality pita chips, whole wheat have a toasty grain flavor and a crunchy texture. Both the flavor and the texture stand up when the chips are dipped into hummus. Specifically, the pita chips are brown and toasty.