Canned Goods & Soups

The texture of high quality black beans should include tender skins and soft bean interiors. There may be some minimal fibrousness of the skins, but the bean interiors should not be mealy. There will be some expected levels of adhesiveness and minimal starchiness. Ideally, there may also be some richness.

High quality chicken broth has richness and mouth weight with a dominant chicken flavor. Specifically, the broth is clear and yellow/brown in color.

High quality canned chicken should lead with cooked chicken in both the aroma and flavor profiles. There may also be “roasty,” brine, herb and fat notes present to add to the cooked chicken character.

High quality Canned Whole Tomatoes are red, juicy, and intact. The juice has some viscosity and there should be no more than a minimal amount of seeds or pieces of skin.

High quality refried beans have bean flavor with a moist and rich mouthfeel. All versions have a reddish-brown color and appear shiny.The beans are salty, balanced with natural bean sweetness and low sourness.

The texture of high quality garbanzo beans should include tender skins and soft to tender interiors that should be uniform across the sample of beans. The skins should not be chewy. There will be some expected levels of both mealy-ness and adhesiveness.

A high quality Instant Asian Noodle Soup Bowl will have some visible oil on the surface, but it should not be excessive. The notes will vary depending on the soup bowl flavors.

Our chefs define a high-quality pimento-stuffed green olive as having an even olive green color with a bright red pimento. Olives should be whole, consistently sized and free of missing pimentos, blemishes or bruises on the skin.

A high quality canned clam chowder has tender, chewy clams and tender potatoes – with clam, potato and milk notes leading the aroma and flavor profiles. The texture of the chowder should be rich and smooth.

High quality Tomato Paste has high tomato flavor that comes through when the paste is used in application. Specifically, the tomato paste is a red or red/brown color. It looks smooth, moist and thick. The aroma and flavor is tomato.

High quality vegetarian baked beans should have intact beans within a moderately thick sauce. Bean should be the leading intensity within both the aroma and flavor profiles.