Condiments & Dressings

High-quality Almond Butter with Cinnamon and Chia Seeds has a moderately high richness and moderate crunchiness. The aroma and flavor profiles have high almond notes, moderate toast intensity, and low-moderate cinnamon.

High-quality Avocado Oil Mayonnaise coats the mouth with a creamy texture that is rich and smooth. There's a moderately long length of dissolve with slight astringency. It may cause the mouth might pucker slightly.

In high-quality basil flavored olive oil, visible basil sediment is expected and should be vibrant green to communicate fresh versus dried basil. It should have sweet, fresh basil notes present. The taste profile will include a slight bitter intensity from the olives.

A high-quality brown mustard should have an even balance of vinegar and mustard spice notes as the leading intensities in both the aroma and flavor profiles.

A high quality buttermilk ranch dressing, designed for food service usage, should coat the lettuce and maintain its flavor intensity when used in application with lettuce.

High-quality pepper and cardamom flavored olive oil should have an orange, chili-oil like appearance with some visible sediments present from the chili pepper. The aroma and flavor profiles should include a pronounced leel of the labeled flavor notes.

High quality chocolate syrup is smooth and chocolatey with a rich mouthweight. The syrup is brown and blends easily with milk.

High quality Dijon mustard is smooth, shiny, and yellow. It is easily spread with a knife and thick enough that it doesn’t run.

A high quality dill pickle is foremost defined by its texture. The initial bite should possess a snap which yields to a crunchy and moist chew.

Texture contributes the more important attributes to a High Quality Dill Pickle. The pickles are crunchy and juicy.

Extra virgin olive oil has a pungent, earthy flavor that lends itself well to Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as simple dressings for vegetables. High-quality extra virgin olive oil has a high olive aroma and flavor and a bitter taste profile.

A high-quality garlic olive oil will include powdered and roasted garlic notes to round out any sharpness from the raw garlic present. The tast profile should include a slight bitter intensity from the olives.

A high-quality grape jam should lead with concord grape notes in both the aroma and flavor profiles.

Concord grape juice should be the lead intensity in both the aroma and flavor of a high-quality concord grape jelly fruit spread. There may also be candy, cooked grape and citrus notes present, but they should not be higher in intensity than the concord grape juice.

A high quality hot fudge topping should have a “fudge-like” aroma and flavor intensity which should include notes of chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chocolate syrup, vanilla and dairy.

High quality shelf-stable lemon juice is sour, tastes like fresh lemons, and is astringent. It smells and tastes like fresh lemons, which means that there are floral notes and the oil of citrus zest present.

Everyone loves the heart-healthy properties of olive oil, but not everyone loves the pungent taste. Light olive oil is perfect for consumers who prefer an olive taste not come through, as when making desserts or non-Mediterranean ethnic dishes.

A high quality marshmallow dessert topping should have a marshmallow aroma and flavor that also holds up when eaten in application within a “fluffer nutter” sandwich.

The texture of a high quality horseradish spread will have an expected level of astringency, heat intensity, fibrousness and nasal stinging quality, but not to the intensity of a full horseradish.

A pantry staple, high-quality pure olive oil has a moderate olive aroma and flavor and a bitter taste profile. It has some richness and a moderate rate of dissolve. Specifically, the olive oil has a clear golden green color and appears thick.

A high quality reduced fat creamy peanut butter should lead with a roasted peanut intensity in both the aroma and flavor. There may also be oil, peanut skin and earthy notes present, but they should not exceed the intensity of the roasted peanut.

High quality Cole Slaw dressing coats shredded cabbage greens with a sweet and sour taste profile. The aroma and flavor profile of the dressing is neutral, with notes of oil, vinegar, or mayonnaise.

A high quality refrigerated sauerkraut should have a taste profile that leads with sour, is supported by salt and followed by bitter and sweet. The aroma and flavor should be that of fermented cabbage.

Our chefs define high-quality seasoned croutons as having a consistent and even bake so that all croutons in a package are similar in toastiness and color. Though they should generally be the same size with little variation, the size of croutons is not as important as their crunchy consistency.

The aroma and flavor profiles for soy ginger olive oil should include a pronounced level labeled flavor notes (soy and ginger), with the olive oil intensity lower to remain in the background. The labeled flavors should be easily identifiable - not muddled.

A high quality steak marinade should provide blended aroma and flavor notes of smoke, tomato, mustard, and warm spice that are detectable in a cooked protein.

High quality steak sauce contributes a strong flavor intensity when used as a condiment on meats or other proteins. Specifically, the sauce is glossy and may have visible specks from herbs or solids like onion or garlic.

High quality Stevia brings sweetness to the Black Tea to balance its bitterness and the sweetness and has a low to moderate linger on the palate.

High-quality Strawberry Fruit Spread has a sweet strawberry flavor and a moderately gelatinous texture. Its flavor stands up to the peanut butter when served on a PB &J.

High quality Tomato Paste has high tomato flavor that comes through when the paste is used in application. Specifically, the tomato paste is a red or red/brown color. It looks smooth, moist and thick. The aroma and flavor is tomato.

A high quality vegan mayonnaise should look, taste and perform like traditional mayonnaise. When eaten on a sandwich, it should add richness, but have a low mayonnaise flavor intensity so as not to overwhelm the other sandwich flavors.