What Makes a Great Frozen Bean and Cheese Burrito?

High-quality Bean and Cheese Burritos have a tender flour tortilla with a moist, rich bean filling. There is some cohesion and adhesion, but the tortilla should not be too chewy. The filling style may be smooth or chunky and the beans may have low mealiness. The burrito has a moderately long dissolve.

The aroma and flavor profile leads with notes of flour tortilla, beans, and cheese. Lower notes of chili, cumin, onion and garlic add to overall quality. The tortilla may have raw flour notes at low intensity.

The burrito is moderately salty with slightly lower sweet. There is low sour. Very low bitter or umami may be present.

The burrito holds its shape and the tortilla is slightly toasty and isn’t split. The filling looks moist and may ooze slightly from its wrapper.

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Tasting terms

  • flavor note

    An individual flavor that exists within a given food’s blend of flavors. Example: Tomato sauce might have a basil flavor note.

  • umami

    One of the basic tastes; the savory flavor in meat and broths; sometimes an additive (MSG). Example: Natural Parmesan cheese, meats, seaweed, fish sauce and sesame exhibit an umami taste.

  • texture

    A dimension used to organize attributes like mouthfeel, graininess and initial bite, it is one of the five dimensions used by ChefsBest Master Tasters to evaluate food. Example: Glazed popcorn will have a crunch texture. The texture of milk chocolate should be creamy and smooth.

  • sweet

    One of the basic tastes; often considered pleasing while exhibiting characteristics of sugar. Example: Honey, ripe fruits and syrup all have a pronounced sweet component.

  • salt

    One of the basic tastes; tasting of or containing salt. Example: Potato chips, sea water and cured meats all have a strong salt component.