What Makes a Great Frozen Beef, Bean & Green Chili Burrito

High-quality Frozen Burritos are moist and rich. They have a salted, balanced flavor profile of the named ingredients.

Specifically, they are a toasted or grilled white flour tortilla with a moist filling. The filling is fully enclosed, the tortilla is intact and doesn’t appear overly dry.

The aroma and flavor profiles vary by category and are a balanced combination of a white flour tortilla and the named ingredients (beef, beans and chilies), all at moderate intensities. Other notes that may be included at lower intensities include cheese, cumin, oregano, chili powder, onion & garlic, tomato, potato, black pepper, green chilies, and smoke.

The burritos are moderately salty with low sweet and sour and very low bitter. Some umami may be present is products containing meat or cheese.

The filling is moist and rich. Beans are smooth. Beef has a moderately meaty chew; there are very few gristle-like pieces. The tortilla may be slightly chewy or slightly doughy. There is expected adhesion and cohesion at low levels. After a moderate to long dissolve, there may be some heat from spices.

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Tasting terms

  • flavor balance

    A measurement of how well a food product matches the expected profile of flavors. Example: If there is too much garlic in a marinara sauce, the flavor of garlic will dominate the other flavors, making the overall flavor unbalanced.

  • salt

    One of the basic tastes; tasting of or containing salt. Example: Potato chips, sea water and cured meats all have a strong salt component.

  • umami

    One of the basic tastes; the savory flavor in meat and broths; sometimes an additive (MSG). Example: Natural Parmesan cheese, meats, seaweed, fish sauce and sesame exhibit an umami taste.

  • sour

    One of the basic tastes; often considered sharp, tart and acidic. Example: Lemon juice, vinegar and fermented foods often have a strong sour component.

  • texture

    A dimension used to organize attributes like mouthfeel, graininess and initial bite, it is one of the five dimensions used by ChefsBest Master Tasters to evaluate food. Example: Glazed popcorn will have a crunch texture. The texture of milk chocolate should be creamy and smooth.

  • flavor

    A combination of a food's basic taste and its accompanying aroma, flavor is the distinctive taste of a food or ingredient while it is in the mouth. Along with aroma, appearance, texture and taste, flavor is one of the five dimensions considered by ChefsBest Master Tasters. Example: Chocolate chip cookies should have a moderate chocolate flavor accompanied by a slightly lower level of complex dough flavor that includes egg, flour, vanilla and brown sugar notes.