What Makes a Great Cornbread Baking Mix?

Cornbread is a delicious treat and perfect to pair with your favorite meal! We now reveal the Best Tasting cornbread baking mix.

A high quality corn bread should lead with corn and toasty notes in both the aroma and flavor. There may also be butter, egg and oil notes present, but there should not be a “raw” batter note.

The texture of the corn bread should be moist, but not “pasty.” There should be some richness and an expected level of grittiness from the corn. The bread may have some “crumbliness,” but it should not completely fall apart when eating.

There may also be some cohesiveness and adhesiveness, but not overly so. The exterior may have some crunchiness, but the bread should not be mouth drying.

The corn bread should appear moist with a golden brown top. It may appear to be somewhat crumbly, but should hold its shape – not fall apart on the plate.

The taste profile should lead with sweet, but the sweetness should be balanced by saltiness so as not to be overly sweet. There may also be a low level of bitterness.

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Tasting terms

  • adhesiveness

    The degree to which some foods stick to the tongue, teeth or upper palate; not to be confused with "cohesiveness," which is the degree to which food sticks together. Example: Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth; white bread sticking to the teeth.

  • aftertaste

    The taste remaining in the mouth after eating or drinking; sometimes associated with unpleasant flavors or bitterness. Example: Some diet sweeteners contain notes of bitterness.

  • cohesiveness

    The tendency of some foods to stick together while being chewed, as opposed to sticking to the teeth, tongue or palate. Example: Because they are cohesive, both bubble gum and white bread lump together into a ball while being chewed.

  • richness

    Associated with creamy and dense mouthfeel; often evident in products containing significant amounts of butter or cream. Example: Alfredo sauce, coffee and super premium ice cream can be described as rich.