What Makes a Great Strawberry Spread?

High-quality Strawberry Fruit Spread has a sweet strawberry flavor and a moderately gelatinous texture. Its flavor stands up to the peanut butter when served on a PB&J.

Specifically, the spread has a red color, is gelatinous, and shiny. There may be seeds, fruit fiber, or pieces of whole fruit included. The spread does not separate or weep liquid.

Strawberry is the leading aroma and flavor note, and it has a cooked character that denotes a reduced or concentrated intensity, such as fruit leather. There is a hard candy (like a Jolly Rancher) character to the strawberry, and there may be a citrus note or the floral note not associated with fresh fruit. Detractors include an over ripe fruit character or notes of other fruits, like grape, green apple, or cranberry.

The spread is sweet, balanced with low sourness. There may be slight bitterness.

The fruit is moderately gelatinous and spreadable. Crunchy seeds or fruit fiber may be present and the spread may have the texture of apple butter. The spread is slightly sticky and has a moderate rate of dissolve with slight astringency.

The strawberry flavor stands up to the peanut butter when served on a PB&J.

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Tasting terms

  • flavor note

    An individual flavor that exists within a given food’s blend of flavors. Example: Tomato sauce might have a basil flavor note.

  • texture

    A dimension used to organize attributes like mouthfeel, graininess and initial bite, it is one of the five dimensions used by ChefsBest Master Tasters to evaluate food. Example: Glazed popcorn will have a crunch texture. The texture of milk chocolate should be creamy and smooth.

  • sweet

    One of the basic tastes; often considered pleasing while exhibiting characteristics of sugar. Example: Honey, ripe fruits and syrup all have a pronounced sweet component.

  • sweet intensity

    Measures the perceived natural or artificial sweetness in a particular food. Example: Apple cinnamon cereal will have a high sweet intensity.