What Makes a Great Uncooked Original Breakfast Sausage?

Sit down and enjoy your breakfast sandwich with a sausage patty! High quality breakfast sausages have a moist and meaty chew. They have a salty/sweetpork flavor with notes of fat, black pepper, and sage. Specifically, they look moist without being greasy. The meat grind is medium. Pork is the dominant aroma and flavor, balanced with fat, black pepper, and sage. The sausage is salty and sweet with umami, there can be low sourness and bitterness. The sausage texture is moist but not greasy. There is a meaty chew but it isn’t tough or crumbly. If there’s a casing, it should snap when bitten, not be tough. Some heat from black pepper is acceptable but there can’t be a burning sensation on the tongue. Gristleor bits of casing that stick in the teeth are defects. High quality Maple flavored breakfast sausage has the same attributes with the addition of more maple. Maple aroma and flavor that matches the pork intensity, and a sweetness that balances the saltiness. Other flights that were also tested in this segment include: Original Link and Maple Link

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