What Makes Great Tasting Whole Wheat Pita Chips?

High quality pita chips, whole wheat have a toasty grain flavor and a crunchy texture. Both the flavor and the texture stand up when the chips are dipped into hummus. Specifically, the pita chips are brown and toasty. They can have a variegated appearance from visible salt and ground whole grains. The aroma and flavor profiles are toasty and grain-like. There should be no rancidity. The chips are salty with low sweetness and even less bitterness. The chips are crunchy to bite and have a somewhat tender chew with a low level of adhesion. They dissolve at a moderate rate and don’t leave an oily finish on the palate. When dipped into hummus, the pita chips are sturdy. Chewed together with the hummus, the chips stay crunchy and the toasted grain/wheat and seasoning flavors come through.

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Tasting terms

  • flavor

    A combination of a food's basic taste and its accompanying aroma, flavor is the distinctive taste of a food or ingredient while it is in the mouth. Along with aroma, appearance, texture and taste, flavor is one of the five dimensions considered by ChefsBest Master Tasters. Example: Chocolate chip cookies should have a moderate chocolate flavor accompanied by a slightly lower level of complex dough flavor that includes egg, flour, vanilla and brown sugar notes.

  • texture

    A dimension used to organize attributes like mouthfeel, graininess and initial bite, it is one of the five dimensions used by ChefsBest Master Tasters to evaluate food. Example: Glazed popcorn will have a crunch texture. The texture of milk chocolate should be creamy and smooth.

  • appearance

    The visual quality of a food. Used to organize attributes such as color and consistency of size, it is one of the five dimensions used to evaluate food. The other dimensions are aroma, texture, flavor and taste. Example: The appearance of green olives includes attributes such as color (pale to dark) and consistency of size (inconsistent to consistent).

  • salt

    One of the basic tastes; tasting of or containing salt. Example: Potato chips, sea water and cured meats all have a strong salt component.

  • aroma

    The smell that emanates from food. Along with appearance, texture, flavor and taste, aroma is one of the five dimensions used to evaluate a product. Example: Brownies should have an aroma that includes chocolate as well as egg, toasty and sweet notes.

  • chew

    The texture of a food as it is being chewed, as opposed to the texture of the first bite. Example: High-quality beef jerky should be tender but have a long chew.