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Butterball Seasoned Frozen Turkey Burgers

What Makes a Great Seasoned Frozen Turkey Burger?

Seasoned frozen turkey burgers make meal preparation easy, whether for quick dinners at home or for feeding a crowd at summertime barbecues. A delicious canvas for creative toppings and condiments, frozen turkey burgers make mealtime both fun and fuss-free.

The appearance of a high-quality seasoned frozen turkey burger can vary. It may resemble a beef hamburger with a moderately coarse grind and some visible moisture to it. Any visible color will aid the comparison to a beef hamburger, as opposed to a bright white and/or gray-colored turkey meat

The aroma and flavor intensities are expected to have a variety of notes but to predominately feature turkey and grilled/charred notes. A small amount of perceivable liver/iron is acceptable because it relates to turkey dark meat, such as is found on a drumstick. Any turkey burger that is characterized by unidentifiable poultry flavor, strong liver notes, or fat aroma was considered to be lacking the anticipated aroma and flavor profile. Additionally, while a small amount of seasoning is appropriate for the category, strong intensities of sage give the impression of a breakfast sausage and not that of a hamburger.

The basic taste profile of seasoned turkey burgers is expected to feature moderate saltiness. When the burgers are prepared on a gas or charcoal grill, a low degree of bitterness may be imparted from the cooking method and is acceptable. There should be very slight sweetness and no sourness.

When the product is eaten, the same expectations exist as for a beef hamburger. The most desirable attribute is a sufficient degree of moisture such that it aids mastication. A high-quality turkey burger is expected to have a tender chew. The lingering aftertaste should mirror the anticipated flavor profile of turkey and grill/charred notes.

When consumed in the fashion of normal consumer usage (on a bun) the flavor profile should stand up to that of the bun. Additionally, there should be sufficient moisture such that the experience does not become overwhelmingly dry.

Product Category Definition

The category judged was defined for the consumer market, not including fresh or frozen ground turkey, turkey patties, turkey sausage or other poultry or meat variations of a hamburger.

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