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Grimmway Farms Baby Carrots


What Makes Great Fresh Packaged Baby Carrots?

Often overlooked in favor of chips, nuts and crackers, baby carrots can be equally addictive. Try opening a bag while reading or doing chores around the kitchen and see how quickly they vanish. Unlike those other snacks, carrots provide vitamins and minerals essential to good health.

Our chefs define high-quality baby carrots as being bright and vibrant orange in color. They should not appear cracked or dull, nor should they have a white film, an oxidized hue or a dried, rough surface. While unpeeled carrots in the vegetable aisle can resemble a gnarled root, a baby carrot should resemble a shiny orange nugget. They should be both appetizing and easily displayed on a platter.

With baby carrots, a natural sweetness should leads the taste profile, followed by a very low natural bitterness. The upfront sweetness makes them edible, while the bitterness creates that “earthy” effect you expect in a naturally grown snack.

There should be noticeable carrot flavor intensity. The baby carrots’ character should be young, moist and earthy. There should be no off notes, or inappropriate flavors distracting from the overall character.
Carrots should also have a texture that combines tenderness and crispness. A relatively soft initial bite should lead to a crunch while chewing. A fresh baby carrot can almost seem rubbery before it breaks apart and the crispy inside comes through. The baby carrot should not be woody, fibrous or dry, and it should also have a high moisture level.

Product Category Definition

The product judged was defined as fresh packaged, peeled baby or petite carrots for the consumer market, including organic carrots.

Also Judged

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