Many consumers are sent hundreds of free-standing inserts weekly. Promoting the ChefsBest Best Taste Award in those inserts has helped Dole stand out from other products being promoted, and share the taste and value messages simultaneously.


Coupons are all about value to customers, but what if those same customers knew they could also get the best-tasting product with their deal? Dole utilizes the ChefsBest Award on its coupons to simultaneously promote the value and taste message, effectively leading shoppers to the clear choice.

Freezer Cling

Before shoppers even open the door to the freezer, they can see that Dole has a better taste than any of its frozen fruit competitors. Promoting ChefsBest Awards on freezer clings is a visually engaging way to promote the taste message for shoppers who are already looking for healthy, delicious alternatives to desserts and snacks.

Case Studies

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  • Case Study: Dannon