Incorporating the ChefsBest Taste Award on packaging can serve as a visual differentiator for consumers who may be considering their purchases in the aisle or those who usually select a competitor but are open to a better-tasting product.


Shelf talkers are an effective way to attract and communicate with customers as they move through the aisle. They help best-tasting products stand out among adjacent items, and they draw consumers’ attention to product categories they may not have considered before.


Many consumers are sent hundreds of free-standing inserts weekly. Promoting the ChefsBest Best Taste Award in those inserts has helped PERDUE stand out from other products being promoted, and share the taste and value messages simultaneously.


ChefsBest Award winners are permitted to use messages like “America’s Best Tasting” in print ads seen by millions of consumers each year. Unlike consumer research claims, which can only be promoted for up to six months, ChefsBest claims can be used for up to three years.


Aisle space and point-of-purchase displays are coveted in grocery retailers, where consumers often select products on their way out of the store, even when they didn’t intend to buy them. Promoting ChefsBest Awards on these displays offer another chance to garner attention from shoppers.

Case Studies

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