Many consumers are sent hundreds of free-standing inserts weekly. Promoting the ChefsBest Best Taste Award in those inserts has helped PERDUE stand out from other products being promoted, and share the taste and value messages simultaneously.

In-Store Ad

In an environment ripe with unhealthy choices, Weight Watchers uses in-store ads to appeal to customers with healthier options of their favorite foods. On those ads, the ChefsBest Award is displayed prominently to assure them the healthier choices won't cause them to sacrifice taste.

Print Ads

ChefsBest Award winners are permitted to use messages like "America's Best Tasting" in print ads seen by millions of consumers each year. Unlike consumer research claims, which can only be promoted for up to six months, ChefsBest claims can be used for up to three years.

Case Studies

  • Protected: Case Study: Welch’s

  • Case Study: Perdue

  • Case Study: Dannon