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Differentiating your brand from the competition, whether your category is considered stable or volatile, can be difficult to achieve without pursuing costly and time-consuming consumer research. At ChefsBest, we do the work for you. National brands that have earned the ChefsBest Excellence or Best Tasting distinctions garner coveted attention from both consumers and buyers, providing your product with opportunity to achieve desired sell through while capitalizing on premium pricing. The Quality in Craft award makes our coveted ChefsBest recognition accessible to brands that operate on a smaller scale compared to our traditional licensees and can rapidly establish credibility for boutique, regional brands and dramatically assist with sell-in as well as sell-through. The Chef Tested Award is conferred to store brand products that surpass quality standards established by ChefsBest Master Tasters and can help shed the underlying stigma that so-called “generic” store brands face. We also help brands by offering feedback on how you can improve the taste profile of products across your brand.

What Makes People Buy?

The psychology of consumer behavior has been the focus of researchers nationwide for years. Study after study has found that, oftentimes, there is no way to predict what the final decision of a consumer will be. However, there are several different marketing strategies that come into play when it comes to appealing to them through factors like price, nutrition and, most importantly, taste. Learn more about the psychology of purchase decisions, especially when it comes to point-of-purchase displays and the supermarket, with our white paper. Download it for free using the link below.


Judging Feedback

In addition to helping you substantiate valuable claims to use with consumers and buyers, ChefsBest's unbiased judging process can be used to offer valuable feedback to your research and development teams with regard to how to improve your product's taste profile. During the tasting process, our Certified Master Tasters compile data that offers expert insight into attributes like flavor, texture, aroma and appearance that can be helpful when you're looking to improve that product, expand your product line with new formulas, or filter the number of SKUs you bring to market.

  • Case Study


    Since earning the ChefsBest Best Taste Award in 2006 for its strawberry yogurt, Dannon has incorporated the medallion into a wide range of point-of-sale materials and consumer communications. The distinction has allowed the brand to build on the taste message it already communicates to its customers and serve as a differentiator among competitors on the shelf.

  • Case Study


    Dole has utilized the ChefsBest Award across several platforms for several different products, from mixed fruit to diced apples, peaches, fruit bowls, pineapple juice, raisins and more. To date, the brand has utilized its ChefsBest ad claims more than any other brand.

  • Case Study


    PERDUE® was recognized with the ChefsBest Best Taste Award for several product categories, including frozen breaded chicken and refrigerated, fully cooked chicken. The brand has used the award throughout several marketing efforts, communicating to consumers in several different formats that it offers the best-tasting product.

  • Case Study

    Weight Watchers

    In the volatile market of yogurt, which continues to introduce new products each year, Weight Watchers stands out against its competitors by adding the ChefsBest Award to its packaging and in-aisle communications. Those awards help to promote to shoppers that Weight Watchers isn't only a healthier choice; it’s a more delicious one too.

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