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Drive Volume with ChefsBest Recognition

Shoppers are faced with, on average, about 64,000 products every time they enter a supermarket in the United States. There are dozens of varieties in every food category - from yogurt to cereal, pasta sauce to low-fat ice cream. And while we know a number of factors impact buying decisions, there are time-tested, reliable strategies that can help your product stand out on the shelf. ChefsBest is one of those strategies. Recognition as a ChefsBest Best Taste or Excellence Award winner has already helped numerous brands increase revenue by double digits in the aisle. Increased sales also influence grocers to offer better shelf space or better store placement altogether.

Be the Deciding Factor

Smart grocery shoppers take a number of factors into consideration when it comes to selecting the right food, beverage and culinary products for themselves and their families. They consider everything from cost and nutrition to environmental sustainability, according to a study released by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. For 1 in 3 shoppers, however, taste trumps all other considerations when it comes to choosing foods. Recognition from ChefsBest as meeting quality standards for excellence or holding the best-tasting product in any given category can serve as the differentiator your brand needs. A study by Instantly® found that 67% of consumers are more likely to choose a ChefsBest award winner over competitors.

Promote Product Trials

Releasing limited-edition varieties is a common practice for brands searching for new ways to appeal to consumers, whether that’s through new formulas, packaging or other efforts. Garnering recognition by ChefsBest before that trial hits grocery store shelves, or in the early stages of promotion, can help establish sustainable customer bases early on. According to Food Processing, although brands typically receive more than 50% of their revenue from products that were not produced 5 years earlier, the failure rate for new products is exceptionally high (about 70% to 80%). According to data from Instantly, 57% of consumers are more likely to switch to a ChefsBest award winner, even if they have been loyal to another brand or product for years prior.

Support Premium Pricing

Although it’s true that more consumers put price first when it comes to considering food, beverage and culinary products, those same consumers are also willing to pay more if they know a brand is superior. According to a study from Instantly, 80% of grocery store shoppers are willing to pay more for a ChefsBest Best Taste or Excellence Award winner, even when their competitors are priced lower. Earning recognition for your brand by our judges can help support the higher margins you deserve while maintaining strong sell-through.

Maintain Your Claims for Longer

Unlike costly consumer research, which has no up-front guarantees, ChefsBest recognition is done up front at no cost. Our goal is to identify the best-tasting and high-quality food, beverage and culinary products in every category. If your brand is identified by our chefs as meeting those standards, you are eligible to license those claims for up to three years. That’s also longer than large-sample consumer research, which only permits brands to promote claims for 6 months. Recognition by ChefsBest is not only cost-effective; it works. The positive results our award winners experience in revenue is reflected in our return rates. About 75% of brands that license with ChefsBest end up renewing their agreements.

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