The Psychology of
Consumer Behavior

“The Psychology of Point-of-Purchase Consumer Behavior” explores current research on the science of consumer behavior, including how brands have and continue to capitalize on what one psychologist has described as “predictably irrational” buying habits of shoppers everywhere. Discover how the food-buying habits of many are tied to emotions, and how the brain’s subconscious desires of pleasure and stability trump rational decision-making every time.

In this white paper, you’ll explore the practices marketers utilize to attract customers, and how those practices tie in to the latest research from renowned experts like Daniel Kahneman, PhD, of Stanford University and Dan Ariely of Duke University. You’ll also review common selling tactics of brands that capitalize on various subconscious desires of the human mind, including “buy one, get one,” discounted mark-ups and reciprocity.

Key points addressed in the whitepaper include:

  • What buyers care about and why
  • Buying and the brain
  • Factors buyers consider, and how marketers capitalize on them
  • Common selling tactics

Case Studies

  • Protected: Case Study: Vitafusion

  • Case Study: Dannon

  • Protected: Case Study: Maille


Creamy and dense mouthfeel, often evident in foods containing high amounts of butter or cream.