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Data gathered by Certified Master Tasters throughout the judging process can not only validate award winners; it can help other brands continue to improve their products.
The precision with which ChefsBest judges approach the proprietary judging process provides brands with a blueprint that shows how to improve taste. Whether that means adding less salt in the manufacturing process or making more of an effort to bring certain flavor notes forward, the data provides expert insight that focus groups or time-consuming consumer research can’t provide. We provide understanding on why certain products didn’t merit an award, and valuable insight into potential taste inconsistencies.

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Narrow Your Focus

Leading brands that want to lower costs by decreasing the number of SKUs they have on shelves have turned to ChefsBest for input. Our expert judges have helped to identify product lines that offer varieties with similar taste profiles, which have allowed brands to focus on SKUs with more variety. One manufacturer of cinnamon rolls, for example, came to ChefsBest with six SKUs, many of which offered little variation from product to product. Certified Master Tasters identified the best tasting products, leaving the manufacturer with valuable information about which SKUs to focus on moving forward.

Improve Your Formula

Some brands have even turned to ChefsBest before they bring their product to market. In one instance, a leading brand had narrowed down a new product to five prototypes. Based on data from ChefsBest, they were able to choose which formula elicited the best taste. That data was combined with cost and labor information from the manufacturer, and the result was one quality, cost-effective, formula that consumers embraced.
Other products that have been on the market for years have sought information from ChefsBest on how to improve their formula and stand out among competitors. One leading whey protein brand that was initially experiencing texture problems submitted formulas repeatedly to the judging panel until they found a winner.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

Many brands offer products that cross several different categories. For example, a producer of chicken bouillon may also offer beef bouillon. In instances where varieties from manufacturers rank high in taste while others do not, ChefsBest can provide data that help improve inconsistent product lines.

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