Private Brands

ChefsBest has been honoring America's best tasting foods for over 16 years, working with hundreds of companies across every aisle in the nation’s grocery stores. Private brands, now more than ever, are a part of today's shopping list and ChefsBest stands ready to further their success as well. 

We all know consumers gravitate towards brands who they can personally identify with. And no consumer consciously wants to associate their purchasing decision with poor quality. Ignoring taste is simply not something your brand can afford. When included among the many attributes to your evolving brand story, the ChefsBest Excellence award ensures that you are checking the box of delivering taste quality.

Private brands are rapidly shedding their price-driven commodification with redesigned packaging, messaging that resonates beyond the wallet, and embracing strategic branding efforts to place themselves on par with the national brands. Taste must be a part of that hierarchy. Authorized licensees of the ChefsBest Excellence award can make substantiated ad claims like, "Endorsed by Professional Chefs," or "Award-Winning Taste”. If earned, our third party endorsement can easily be implemented on package and into any marketing campaign. 

When a product has a superiority claim, it’s important that the brand can stand behind it. Research indicates consumers often associate the ChefsBest Excellence award with:

  • Better Than A Competitor
  • More Trustworthy
  • Superior Product
  • More Appealing

We take great care to uphold Sensory Testing Methods created by ASTM International and National Advertising Division to ensure any resulting ad claims are substantiated and usable in market.  With this in mind, private brand marketers can go to market with confidence that the ad claims used are backed by a reputable organization shoppers can trust and legal teams have vetted.

When budget and resources are limited, private brand managers must be savvy and diligent with marketing spends.  Since ChefsBest utilizes a panel of executive-level chefs trained to operate as scientific tasting instruments, the ROI for earning an award and obtaining the right to make ad claims is simply unmatched compared to costly (and lengthy) consumer research panels. Following a modest upfront marketing investment to conduct a tightly controlled, rigorously moderated tasting sessions at our Center for Taste in San Francisco, if the award is earned, our scalable licensing options are customizable according to your budget and marketing goals.

At ChefsBest, tasting is a science, and something quantifiable and repeatable. Identifying high-quality and best-tasting foods is an objective process obtained through the expertise of executive-level chefs who have undergone months of training in sensory acuity. Because of this, we can provide unparalleled analysis and feedback to R&D and supplier teams, including recommendations around formulation to improve upon the many attributes that affect taste according to a Quality Definition the panel creates and measures towards. Our team will work with your team to use this data to shed light on where they match up against competition according to dozens of attributes that the Chefs determine for quality in the category. 

Watch this short video to learn more about the process.

Nearly 7 out of 10 consumers are more likely to purchase an award winner.

To further discuss how ChefsBest can fit into your marketing plan and help reach your private brand's goals, give us a call at 415.568.2659 or complete the form below and a member of the ChefsBest team will be in touch with you shortly.