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About ChefsBest

ChefsBest is an independent food judging organization. We are dedicated to identifying and honoring the best tasting products in order to support the brands that make them and the shoppers who want to select them.  We believe that the best brands should win the marketplace and our award helps them do just that.
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ChefsBest Award Winners

Our expert panel of chefs conducts objective product evaluations (taste tests) on grocery products. The ChefsBest judging process is rigorous and follows industry standards. If the blind taste test reveals that one of the products is superior in overall quality then that winning brand is eligible to license the ChefsBest award.
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ChefsBest Trust Mark

We believe food should taste good and our award guides consumers to only the best-tasting, highest quality products.  Our food evaluations are always independent and objective so consumers know that they can trust the ChefsBest award every time they see it.  And our double-circle medallion is an easy trust mark for consumers to identify and understand.
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ChefsBest works with Brand Managers all over the country to help them influence consumers and increase sales.  We also assist product development teams by testing new products, new formulations, and new ingredients. ChefsBest has two awards that can be used for the consumer market or the foodservice market. How ChefsBest can help you build your brand? Contact us