ChefsBest identifies and honors high quality and great tasting grocery products in order to support the companies that make them and the people who choose to select them.


Founded in 2000, ChefsBest began as an effort by chefs to provide guidance to their peers in the industry on which items to purchase for their restaurants. Today, ChefsBest is a food and beverage industry marketing resource that helps brands make first-class taste-related content, distinguished by our core value of taste claims validation represented by the ChefsBest mark. With turnkey programs for qualifying brands, we provide digital content featuring our greatest assets—ChefsBest Master Tasters and our proprietary Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis ™—so that brand managers can tout their greatest asset that consumers care most about: taste. The video and social image content is backed by an earned trust mark that can be utilized beyond the digital landscape including on package and in traditional advertising, and substantiates a variety of coveted taste claims.