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We have worked with some of the most iconic and recognizable brands in America as well as innovative challenger brands looking to make their mark.

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Mr & Mrs T

A member of the Keurig Dr. Pepper Group, well established national brand Mr & Mrs T® sought to reach audiences with unmatched authenticity backed by the power of a third-party organization. After four drink mixes earned the ChefsBest Excellence award, we worked collaboratively to produce a full suite of content marketing assets—video and photo—for use across all digital/social channels, plus supporting content to bolster their B2B efforts.

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Torani presented by ChefsBest


In their retail marketing efforts, Torani wanted to highlight their award-winning flavors and inspire their consumers. After having three of their sauces qualify for a ChefsBest Excellence award, we collaborated with them to develop high-quality images that matched their brand guidelines which could be utilized for B2C marketing efforts - including 3 customized recipes developed by our ChefsBest Master Tasters.

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Explorer Cold Brew_Case Study_Hero Images

Explorer Cold Brew

After having all four of their cold brew concentrates qualify for a ChefsBest Excellence Award, we worked in tandem with the Explorer Cold Brew team to create custom digital content that highlights their award-winning taste that matches their modern branding. These digital assets showcase their product's high-quality flavor, as determined by our ChefsBest Master Tasters, which can be utilized in both B2C and B2B marketing efforts.

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Protected: Mutti

As a legacy brand with an international reach, Mutti sought to communicate their high-quality taste and inspire their consumers with the prestigious ChefsBest Excellence Award and accompanying custom digital marketing assets. After having two of their products qualify, we worked hand-in-hand with the brand to create a custom suite of digital content to highlight their award-winning products.

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More Participating Brands

Pearl Milling Company - recipient of the ChefsBest Excellence Award