Explorer Cold Brew

Differentiating through rich and engaging taste-inspired content.

After having all four of their cold brew concentrates qualify for a ChefsBest Excellence Award, we worked in tandem with the Explorer Cold Brew team to create custom digital content that highlights their award-winning taste that matches their modern branding. These digital assets showcase their product's high-quality flavor, as determined by our ChefsBest Master Tasters, which can be utilized in both B2C and B2B marketing efforts.

Showcasing the Process

As an up-and-coming brand, we helped Explorer Cold Brew stand out from their competition while also highlighting the versatility of their ChefsBest award-winning products. Through our turnkey process, we created a package of custom photographs, social-sized graphics, written recipes developed by our ChefsBest Master Tasters, and recipe photos staged by a professional food stylist.

“As a brand that prides itself on exceptional quality and taste, having our products evaluated for a ChefsBest medallion was a no-brainer. But I didn’t expect that working with the ChesfBest Digital Marketing team would be such a highlight! They took the time to understand our brand and created a package of high-quality digital assets for us to use across our digital marketing initiatives. Plus, being able to leverage the ChefsBest Master Tasters to develop a selection of excellent new recipes for our customers was the cherry on top of a great experience”

– Cason Crane, Explorer Cold Brew