Mr & Mrs T

Differentiating through rich and engaging taste-inspired content.

A member of the Keurig Dr. Pepper Group, well established national brand Mr & Mrs T® sought to reach audiences with unmatched authenticity backed by the power of a third-party organization. After four drink mixes earned the ChefsBest Excellence award, we worked collaboratively to produce a full suite of content marketing assets—video and photo—for use across all digital/social channels, plus supporting content to bolster their B2B efforts.

Showcasing the Process

Showcasing Product Usage

Working with the brand managers, the production team assured that branding guidelines were met while showcasing the product being utilized by ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters. The series resulted in 20 videos that brought traditional written recipes to life in vivid video presentations. The co-branded effort leverages the expertise of executive-level chefs working with an award-winning product for an enviable series of videos to be utilized on the brand’s website and social media platforms.

Award Verification
Imagery is a requirement in today’s media world where imagery reins supreme and the fresher and more unique the better. Brands also know that stock photos just don’t cut it and don’t create the stopping power necessary to gain attention in a social mediafeed. Rather than just talk about the products that earned the award, Mr. & Mrs. Ts wanted to show consumers as well. By legitimizing the rigorous tasting process with photographic authentication a brand can create the lasting imagery in the consumers’ mind for maximum impact to deliver the message of “award winning taste”.
Sales Team Support
Retailers are not just interested in whether or not a product will sell through once.  What they truly covet is repeat purchases and this comes from satisfied use by the end consumer. There is, of course, a science to quality taste. And studies indicate that consumer preference aligns with expert panels’ evaluation such as those done by the moderated panel of ChefsBest Certified Tasters. Armed with a video explanation from our Sensory Director the Mr. and Mrs. Ts sales team can demonstrate to buyers in a short video format the reason they should be confident in stocking the product—the award will help sell through, and the taste is why consumers will repeat purchase.