Mr & Mrs T

Differentiating through rich and engaging taste inspired content.

A member of the Keurig Dr. Pepper Group, well established national brand Mr & Mrs T® saught to reach audiences with unmatched authenticity backed by the power of a third-party organization. After four drink mixes earned the ChefsBest Excellence award, we worked collaboratively to produce a full suite of content marketing assets—video and photo—for use across all digital/social channels, plus supporting content to bolster their B2B efforts.

ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters undergo an arduous screening process and palate acuity training before participating in our proprietary, objective evaluations. As executive-level chefs, they know a thing or two about cooking as well. Or, in this case, mixing cocktails. Backed by the endorsement of ChefsBest, Certified Master tasters are helping Mr & Mrs Ts connect with consumers with customized content for their target audience.
Expanding markets is critical the success of any brand. Retailers understand that the ChefsBest Excellence Award is earned, not bought. To bring further understanding of the rigorous taste testing process that leads to a coveted endorsement, medallion usage, and ad claim substantiation, ChefsBest Sensory Director walks buyers through the judging process including how the test was meticulously designed for Mr & Mrs Ts. We also produced for the sales team a written “tech sheet” to summarize the test results.