Health & Nutrition

The texture of a high quality adult gummy vitamin should have a moderately firm initial bite – when you bite into the vitamin with your front teeth it should not be overly soft/mushy like a marshmallow nor overly hard like an eraser.

High-quality Almond Butter with Cinnamon and Chia Seeds has a moderately high richness and moderate crunchiness. The aroma and flavor profiles have high almond notes, moderate toast intensity, and low-moderate cinnamon.

High-quality Avocado Oil Mayonnaise coats the mouth with a creamy texture that is rich and smooth. There's a moderately long length of dissolve with slight astringency. It may cause the mouth might pucker slightly.

The aroma and flavor profiles of a high-quality kids’ gummy vitamin should lead with “fruity” and candy notes to appeal to children.

Extra virgin olive oil has a pungent, earthy flavor that lends itself well to Italian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as simple dressings for vegetables. High-quality extra virgin olive oil has a high olive aroma and flavor and a bitter taste profile.

Our chefs define a high-quality vegetarian chicken patty as having a golden brown color with moderate aroma intensity, which is defined as, “the relative strength of the aroma.”

A high quality flavored protein and electrolyte drink should have a color and flavor that is true to the “call out” description on the consumer packaging.

There are several attributes that create a great protein bar, and one of those important attributes is the texture. The bar should be chewy, toothsome and moist. It may have some crunchiness and in some cases, the bar may have some adhesiveness, which is when it sticks to your mouth.

A high-quality vanilla diabetic shake should have a noticeable vanilla aroma with no inappropriate off notes. The proper taste balance will be created by a low bitterness and a moderate sweetness that avoids reaching sickly sweet levels.

The aroma and taste profiles of a high-quality chocolate protein shake should be led by chocolate and dairy/milk notes. The taste profile should lead with sweetness, but it shouldn’t be overly sweet.

A high quality refrigerated carrot juice should have some visible thickness and body. It should be “carrot” orange in color, which may be either dark orange or bright orange.
The aroma and flavor profiles should lead with carrot notes.

A high quality refrigerated green juice should have some visible thickness and body. It should be green in color to be true to name, but some brown hues may also be present. The aroma and flavor profiles should have a balance of fruit and vegetal notes.