A Food & Beverage Brand’s Guide to 2022 Social Media Marketing Trends

2022 is right around the corner, is your digital marketing plan ready? The past two years have shown us exactly how vital social media is for shoppers. It’s where food & beverage trends start. It’s where shoppers can be introduced to new brands. It’s the perfect place to share recipes and ideas. However, the way in which shoppers use social media and how the apps operate is ever-changing. Even throughout this year, we have seen many digital marketing trends come and go. But by looking back at this past year, we can start to get an idea of what 2022 social media marketing trends may arise.

Recently, Social Media Today released their list of 26 predictions for social media marketing in 2022. The largest areas of focus include the growing built-in eCommerce options on apps, the use of video and audio content, and a shift in both the understanding and implementation of algorithms. Although these trends aren’t necessarily new, understanding them is an important step for any food & beverage brand.

Platforms to watch

Facebook, and all its interconnected apps, have been under increased scrutiny for the past few months. Although they will remain the largest social media platforms for the foreseeable future, the way in which people interact with their apps may change. Foremost, we have to acknowledge the algorithm. As much as we think we know about it, it’s still an increasingly misunderstood aspect of the apps – and users are feeling the same way. With apps like Twitter allowing users to select how their feed is presented to them, many Facebook and Instagram users are interested in the same type of control. It would not be surprising to see a shift like this happen in 2022.

TikTok, on the other hand, is still the Wild West of social media. Trends come and go just as easy as it is to endlessly scroll on your for you page for hours. However, this is the app where trends start. What’s popular on TikTok today, will be popular on Instagram next week. But also, many trends don’t make it off of TikTok – for brands, that’s kind of the trouble with the app. Being consistent and effective on the app involves a much different approach than other social media sites. However, TikTok is slowly rolling out better resources to help brands create more effective content.

The eCommerce boom

Across all platforms, one of the biggest changes that we can expect to see is the presence and functionality of eCommerce elements on social media. Every social media app is developing more robust functions to help users shop directly on the app. This is a gamechanger for marketers and brands. By making it easier for users to purchase directly in-app, brands’ traditional sales funnel will have to change. Gaining the trust of shoppers will be key. Not all users will be interested in making a purchase on Instagram or TikTok, but having that option can be valuable.

We’re also seeing a shift in apps prioritizing video and audio content. Video-focused content such as Stories, TikToks, and Reels is increasingly getting more attention than traditional feed posts. Did you know ChefsBest qualifying brands unlock access to exclusive video content? From sensory evaluation to the delivery of high-production-value digital content to engage your customers and buyers, we are a seasoned group of professionals prepared to collaborate and position your brand. The result: trustworthy assets that only ChefsBest can produce through our testing process, our awards, our substantiation of claims, our content production team, and of course our chefs. To learn more about our services, schedule a call with us today.

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