A Food & Beverage Marketers’ Guide to Shareable Content

A huge hurdle for most food & beverage marketers is creating digital content that shoppers want to interact with and share. These assets need to be exciting and eye-catching, tell a story, and ultimately keep or catch the shopper’s interest in your brand/products. Finding the content that works best for your brand may take some trial and error. However, with this quick guide, you can start identifying how to produce and curate content that shares your food & beverage brand’s core message while highlighting your product’s key asset: taste.

Infographic from Quuu

Here at ChefsBest, we understand why Food & Beverage Marketers need shareable content. That’s why brands that qualify for a ChefsBest Excellence Award unlock custom assets that only ChefsBest can produce through our testing process, our awards, our substantiation of claims, our content production team, and of course our chefs. The video and social image content is backed by an earned trust mark that can be utilized beyond the digital landscape including on package and in traditional advertising, and substantiates a variety of coveted taste claims. To learn more about the ChefsBest Excellence Award and learn how your product can qualify, please contact us today.

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