How can CPG brands catch the attention of a grocery buyer? with Alli Ball

Catching the attention of a Grocery Buyer is one of the toughest hurdles for emerging food & beverage CPG brands. Buyers at most major chains often see thousands of new products a month. When making purchases, they must factor in not just how much shelf space they have to fill in each category, but also what their customers are interested in at the moment. So what can you, as a food & beverage brand, do to stand out from the competition and catch the eye of a buyer? This week on Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with Alli Ball. Alli is a food business consultant and founder of Retail Ready, an online course designed to help emerging brands grow their business. She is also the host of the Food Biz Wiz podcast. In this episode, she shared with us what she has learned over the years as a former Grocery Buyer, and the advice she has to new brands who are looking to get their products on shelf.

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