Chef of the Week: Gordon Wing

Chef Gordon Wing is a graduate of California Culinary Academy and has more than 30 years of culinary experience. In addition to being a ChefsBest Certified Master Taster, Wing works as a chef for Paula LeDuc Fine Catering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is your favorite meal to prepare?

My favorite meal to prepare is rice steamed with ground pork and Chinese sausage flavored with fermented black beans, garlic, and ginger and, on the side, Chinese greens stir fried with garlic.

What are three of your grocery store staples?

Three of my grocery store staples are dried pasta (my favorite shape is Campanile), Jasmine rice, and canned tomatoes.

What is your favorite ingredient in the kitchen?

My favorite ingredient in the kitchen is sun dried tomatoes.

What is one “aha” moment you have had while working in the kitchen?

One “aha” moment I have had while working in the kitchen was learning a technique for cutting many cherry tomatoes at one time. Using two plastic lids or two plates, one inverted to hold the tomatoes and the other plate bottom to hold them in place, you run the knife horizontally between the two plates to cut all the tomatoes in half.