ChefsBest Opens its Doors to Members of the Media

For almost two decades ChefsBest has been using methods based on sensory science to identify high quality and best tasting food and beverage products.  There has been great interest in what those methods are and how exactly products are judged.  ChefsBest recently opened its doors to members of the media so they could experience the processes firsthand.                                                                           

To start the day off media members got a small taste, literally, of what it even takes to become a Master Taster (Master Tasters are members of the ChefsBest expert panel utilized to evaluate products). One of the tests included identifying the normal version of a product from the low fat version of the same product.  Very quickly media members understood just how finely tuned your taste buds need to be to become a Master Taster.

The media then got to take part in a mock evaluation with five of ChefsBest’s Master Tasters.  They were provided three different high protein, low calorie ice cream products to evaluate in a blind taste test.  After tasting all three they were asked to explain, the appearance, aroma, taste, and texture of the products. Once this process was finished the key attributes were used to develop a quality definition – what makes a high quality high protein, low calorie ice cream. When the quality definition is agreed upon, they then tasted all three products again and scored them on how well each product captured that quality definition.

The final takeaway was that ChefsBest has an incredibly well defined and systematic approach that yields data allowing its licensees to make substantiated claims about their products such as “High Quality” and “Best Taste”.  A ChefsBest® Award is only awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs, ChefsBest Master Tasters.