What Exactly Is the Taste of “Umami”?

Have you heard the term “umami” and wasn’t sure what that meant? Umami, roughly translated from Japanese as “deliciousness,” can be found in a number of foods. Our latest infographic will help you decipher this unique component of taste.


Unami is one of the basic tastes; the savory flavor in meat and broths; sometimes an additive (MSG). Some examples of items that contain this attribute are: natural parmesan cheese, meats, seaweed, fish sauce, and sesame. The next time you have any items that contain these ingredients keep an eye (or a tastebud – sorry, it was too easy) for an umami flavor. Once you’re able to identify and separate it as a flavor attribute, you will never be able to miss it again! Pro tip: this is a fun thing to teach your friends while at a dinner party. We recommend making a charcuterie board with all your favorite items and have your friends taste test them and identify which have an umami flavor.
For more information about taste terminology, visit our glossary.

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