How to Tell if You Are One of the Supertasters

If you’re a chef, prefer cocktails with a sweetener, or avoid dark green vegetables, you just might be one of what researchers call the supertasters. Experiencing tastes at a much higher intensity is one thing, but being able to identify them is an entirely different thing. Here is some information about supertasters:


So what do you think? Do you think you are a supertaster? Don’t forget though, your environment hugely affects your perception of taste. Smoking, having certain diets, and many other factors can change the way you taste.

All of our Certified Master Tasters are Supertasters. The average Certified Master Taster brings with them 31 years of experience. Many claim Michelin-Starred restaurants in their resumes, and all have reached the executive level. Palate acuity training is a requirement for the highly trained panel to complete before qualifying to Certified Master Taster. Only 50% of those that pursue are able to complete the training and testing required for panel acceptance. To learn more about our master tasters, click here.

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