International Women’s Day – Beyond the Shelf

This International Women’s Day we wanted to take the time to highlight a handful of our favorite episodes of Beyond the Shelf that feature women-led companies/organizations that are helping to change the food & beverage industry. Featuring incredible entrepreneurs from many corners of the industry, we are always incredibly grateful that our guests are willing to share their stories and experiences of navigating through the food & beverage world. As an industry, we have a lot of work to do to create a safe and equitable space for all marginalized people – but we will strive to keep this energy rolling into the future and continue to provide a platform to share diverse experiences from the food & beverage industry.

How has Dry January changed the beverage industry with Sharelle Klaus of DRY Botanical Bubbly

Dry January and Sober October are two of the biggest months for the beverage industry. Each year, thousands of shoppers utilize these months to cut back on their alcohol intake – which, in turn, has created a need for more versatile and exciting non-alcoholic drinks. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the Founder & CEO of DRY Botanical Bubbly, Sharelle Klaus. She shared with us how her brand is helping to change the way we think about alcohol by creating exciting and fun non-alcoholic drinks. She also gave us some insight into how DRY Botanical Bubbly has shifted focus over the last few years, and how they have managed to stay true to their original mission.

How can the coffee industry be more sustainable with Maria Palacio of Progeny Coffee

Considering that coffee is often considered a staple pantry item for many Americans, how much do we actually know about where it comes from? In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the CEO and Co-Founder of Progeny Coffee, Maria Palacio. In this enlightening and educational episode, Maria shared with us how the traditional supply-chain often times does not benefit or support coffee farmers. They shared with us how Progeny is trying to fix these unstainable practices through direct partnerships with Colombian farmers. Maria also explained what a coffee score is, and how it affects the quality of coffee beans but also what that means for individual farmers.

How can soda be healthy? with Allison & Stephen Ellsworth of Poppi

Functional products were one of the biggest trends in 2020 for the food & beverage industry. From beverages to snacks, shoppers were gravitating towards products that not only taste great but also offer additional benefits. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke to the duo behind the extremely popular better-for-you soda company Poppi, Allison & Stephen Ellsworth. In this episode, Allison and Stephen told us all about how they created their delicious functional soda, as well as their experience securing a major investment opportunity on the hit ABC television show Shark Tank. They also gave us a sneak-peak into the very bright future of the company, including a huge growth in distribution in 2021.

How can meal kits inspire customers? with Carley Sheehy of Global Grub

Keeping cooking at home exciting and fun can be a tricky task – especially with everything going on in the world. Meal kits offer customers a unique at-home experience where they can try something new but from the comfort of their own home. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the Founder of Global Grub, Carley Sheehy. Global Grub creates meal kits that contain all the shelf-stable ingredients one would need to make unique international dishes, such as mochi, sushi, and ravioli. In this episode, Carley shared with us her experience with starting Global Grub, as well as how the pandemic has pushed more people to cook at home.

Can influencer marketing work for your brand? with Elle DeFreitas of Wonderkind Co.

Influencer marketing is considered the wild west of the marketing world. It’s a seemingly easy way for brands to connect to their core demographic, but there’s a lot of risks involved. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the CEO & founder of Wonderkind Co., Elle DeFreitas. They gave us an in-depth breakdown of how influencer marketing works and gave us tips for getting the best ROI when working with influencers. They also shared with us what type of products and categories tend to perform best with this type of marketing, as well as their best practices when it comes to finding the best influencers to promote your brand.

How can CPG brands catch the attention of a grocery buyer? with Alli Ball

Catching the attention of a Grocery Buyer is one of the toughest hurdles for emerging food & beverage CPG brands. Buyers at most major chains often see thousands of new products a month. When making purchases, they must factor in not just how much shelf space they have to fill in each category, but also what their customers are interested in at the moment. So what can you, as a food & beverage brand, do to stand out from the competition and catch the eye of a buyer? In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with Alli Ball. Alli is a food business consultant and founder of Retail Ready, an online course designed to help emerging brands grow their business. She is also the host of the Food Biz Wiz podcast. In this episode, she shared with us what she has learned over the years as a former Grocery Buyer, and the advice she has to new brands who are looking to get their products on shelf.

How can emerging brands grow their distribution – with Larissa Russell of Pod Foods

It’s no surprise that most large distribution systems favor national brands. They have the funding and stable logistical systems that allow buyers to trust them. For smaller, emerging brands, this isn’t always the case. Grocery buyers are less likely to purchase from these brands because of the uncertainty about whether they could consistently stock their shelves due to inadequate distribution systems. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke to Larissa Russell, the CEO & Co-founder of Pod Foods. She shared with us how small brands are often underrepresented on grocery shelves because of inaccuracies in common distribution systems, and how their software helps bridge this gap.

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