Privacy Policy

ChefsBest® respects your privacy, and we will never share personal information about you with third parties. To learn more, read the complete Privacy Policy below.

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. ChefsBest® (“ChefsBest”) understands your desire to be informed about your privacy on the Web. This policy explains our practices and our commitment to your privacy.

The Information We Collect

Generally, the only information that ChefsBest collects about you is that which you voluntarily provide us. For example, in subscribing to our site you may email us personally identifiable information such as your name, email and physical addresses, or telephone number. Any personally identifiable information that you provide via our website will not be sold or shared to third parties unless such sharing is expressly authorized by you, required by law, or is necessary to enable our employees or authorized agents to provide you with our services. If you are simply visiting or navigating our website, ChefsBest will not collect, sell or share any of your personally identifiable information. Our web server may collect anonymous, non-personally identifiable information from you, such as your domain name, IP address and the type of browser you are using. Such information is gathered for statistical purposes only so that we may better understand our visitors’ interests and preferences.

Protecting Your Information

We take precautions to ensure that the information you submit to us via the Web is as secure as reasonably possible from unauthorized use or access.Please note that the Web is an open system; therefore, while we take measures to protect your information once it has been submitted to us, we cannot guarantee the security of emails sent to us while they are in transit. If you have reason to question the integrity of your Internet connection, feel free to call us with sensitive information instead of using email.

Third Party Content

This website contains links to other Internet sites (“third-party sites”) that are not owned or maintained by ChefsBest. These links are included for your convenience, and if you link to one of these websites, your privacy at such sites will be governed by the privacy policy of that website and not by that of ChefsBest.


When you visit our site, we may place a “cookie” on your browser. Cookies are small pieces of data that contain an identifier recognized by our Web server. Cookies allow us to recognize you as a returning user and to customize your experience on our website. Our cookies do not track your activity on third-party sites, nor do they provide us with personally identifiable information about you.

Changes to This Policy

As our privacy policy may change from time to time; we encourage you to check back with us to determine how such changes might affect you. This policy statement is not intended to and does not create any contractual or legal rights on behalf of any party.