The ChefsBest Excellence Award: Leveraging Taste on Shelves and Beyond

The ChefsBest Excellence Award is more than a medallion. It’s a trust mark that tells shoppers that the product that bears the award has been identified by our ChefsBest Master Tasters as having surpassed quality standards.

While consumers always prefer to purchase food and beverage products that taste good, taste-related claims are tricky. Statements such as “great tasting” lack the context needed to act as a meaningful selling point to shoppers. In addition, making unsubstantiated ad claims comes with legal risks. That’s why third-party taste validation is essential. Not only do services like the ChefsBest Excellence Award provide necessary substantiation to make taste-related claims, but they also add much-needed context that adds value to these claims.

Founded in 2000, ChefsBest began as an effort by chefs to provide guidance to their peers in the industry on which items to purchase for their restaurants. Today, ChefsBest is a food and beverage industry marketing resource that helps brands make first-class taste-related content, distinguished by our core value of taste claims validation represented by the ChefsBest mark.


The ChefsBest Excellence Award: What It Means to Shoppers

When a product is awarded the ChefsBest Excellence Award, it means the product has surpassed the quality standards established by our independent professional chefs. What’s particularly important is the way consumers interpret such an award. Consumers associate this award with trustworthy, high-quality products; in fact, 56% of consumers are more likely to purchase an award winner. In addition, 50% of consumers are more likely to switch brands when presented with an award-winning product.

As a research and sensory testing organization, ChefsBest builds your product image through a rigorous taste validation process. Once a product earns the ChefsBest Excellence Award, licensees can differentiate their product and display the award on packaging, advertising, social, and more. In addition, supporting digital content (photos, recipes, videos, etc.) provides an opportunity for consumers to engage with your brand beyond the shelves.

A History of Excellence

We have worked with some of the most iconic and recognizable brands in America as well as innovative challenger brands looking to make their mark. With licensed products in nearly every aisle of most grocery stores, the ChefsBest Excellence Award is the perfect addition to modern food & beverage brands’ marketing initiatives.

Products that qualify and license the ChefsBest Excellence Award unlock exclusive access to custom digital content packages that highlight their product’s award-winning taste. From lifestyle and evaluation images to custom video content and recipes developed by our ChefsBest Master Tasters – our digital content suites are designed to help brands get the most out of their ChefsBest Excellence Award.


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