Meet the Women Shaping the Food & Beverage Industry

For National Women’s History Month, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of our favorite interviews from our podcast, Beyond the Shelf, with women who are helping to change the food & beverage industry for the better. We are always incredibly grateful that our guests are willing to share their stories and experiences of navigating the food & beverage industry. As a whole, we have a lot of work to do to create a safe and equitable space for all marginalized communities – but we will strive to keep this energy rolling into the future and continue to provide a platform to share a multitude of experiences from the food & beverage industry.

What does it mean to “go public” with Jaxie Alt of Stryve Biltong

Typically, better-for-you products are often characterized by their functional properties but aren’t often seen as indulgent. Although great strides have been made in the industry to make better-for-you products that taste great, overcoming that long-standing stereotype is a battle that many brands are tackling. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the Founder of Chasin’ Dreams Farm, Sydney Chasin. In this episode, Sydney gave us some background into the farming and production of sorghum, an ancient grain that is extremely versatile and is considered to be environmentally sustainable. She also shared how Chasin’ Dreams created a popped sorghum product that is helping to fill the market of indulgent better-for-you products.

Can better-for-you products be indulgent? with Sydney Chasin of Chasin’ Dreams Farms

In the first part of our 3-part series on Navigating Ad Claims with Pamela Deese, Partner at Arent Fox in Washington D.C., Pam gave us an overview of what types of claims can be made in advertising, who makes them, and what is needed to make them. She also breaks down the process that food & beverage brands need to consider before making any sort of claim in their marketing materials and touched upon what happens if a claim is made without proper substantiation. To listen to the full series click here.

Why it’s important for small businesses to say “no” with Meghan Lynch of Six-Point Creative

Maneuvering through the food & beverage industry as a small family-owned business is extremely tricky. It takes practice and sometimes failure to really find your space and your market. On this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with the Founder & CEO of Six-Point Creative, Meghan Lynch. In this episode, Meghan shared some valuable insights into what they believe can help and hinder new small family-owned businesses’ growth and development. They also explained why sometimes it’s best for businesses to say “no” to opportunities, and why more is not always better.

The importance of accurate nutritional labels with Sonia Couto of MenuSano

Nutritional labels are not only an extremely important resource/tool for consumers but also for food manufacturers. With a growing demand for more transparency in the food & beverage industry, having access to thorough nutrition analysis can help companies better inform their customers. In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with Sonia Couto, the Founder of MenuSano. They’ve created an online nutrition analysis software that helps restaurants and food manufacturers create accurate nutritional labels. Sonia also shared with us how they created the software and why software like this is important to consumers.

What we should know about sustainability in the food industry with Kathryn Bernell of reHarvest Provisions

In this episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with Kathryn Bernell, the CEO & Founder of reHarvest Provisions. Kathryn shared her journey that led her to create a line of smoothie pops made from whole fruits and veggies that would otherwise be considered “waste”. She gave us some valuable insights into how much waste is created by the food industry, and how organizations such as The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Foundation are to improve sustainability in the food industry

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