Food Trends to Watch in 2017

As the New Year approaches, a number of food trends are on the horizon. While some trends originate from greater ethnic diversity, others stem from increased awareness of health and wellness. Regardless, 2017 is sure to bring an assortment of trends of which food and beverage companies should be aware.

1. Fusion Foods

As many Syrian, Persian, and Afghani refugees spread their culinary heritage, Middle Eastern fusion cuisines are projected to become more prevalent in 2017.

2. Veggies as Staples

Over the next year, consumers will make efforts to incorporate more vegetables into their diets. Spiralized and mashed vegetables, for instance, will continue to grow in popularity as replacement comfort foods.

3. Desserts in the A.M.

Recent studies suggest that dark chocolate may be associated with improved cognitive function and consuming sweets in the morning may cause weight loss. In 2017, many consumers will be eating dessert for breakfast.

4. Faux Meat

As vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more common and meat-eaters are looking to eat meat less often, food companies will increasingly invest in plant-based substitutions of meat.

5. Umami Mania

With its umami taste, seaweed will increasingly occupy menus and various dishes. Additionally, sardines, which also possess an umami flavor, will trend among snack foods in the upcoming year.

6. Bedtime Formulations

Food and drink inventions that help individuals calm down before bedtime are projected to grow in popularity as people prioritize getting more rest.

7. Apps Galore

Food-related apps will likely trend in the New Year. Various apps already offer home delivery of meals and connection to hosts who prepare communal meals. For instance, the app EatWith places foodies at the tables of local home chefs.

8. Time-Savers

Consumers are increasingly looking to save time, so more food and drink products claiming to require little or no prep will emerge.

9. Bowls

Acai, breakfast, and poke bowls will all be trending. Chefs appreciate bowls such as these because they allow room for imprecision when mixing ingredients.

10. Waste not

Cutting back on food waste has also been identified as a key food and drink trend in 2017. Driven largely by Millennials’ desire to better steward the environment, this trend will likely include repurposing parts of food that would otherwise be thrown away (cauliflower stems and watermelon rinds, for example).

11. Sweet Heat

Sweet and spicy dishes, like spicy fried chicken with maple syrup and jalapeño honey and jerk watermelon, will become more popular.

12. Modern Mocktails

Modern twists on mocktails, such as vinegars, fresh-pressed juices, and muddled spices and herbs, are predicted to appear on restaurant menus more often next year.

2017 will welcome an assortment of new food trends. Whether stemming from increased ethnic diversity or higher consumer awareness of health and wellness, these upcoming trends present opportunities for growth and development among new and existing product lines within the food industry.


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