eCommerce: Building Trust in Online Shopping (Infographic)

One of the biggest trends within the food & beverage industry that came because of COVID-19 was the influx of consumers shifting towards eCommerce to purchase groceries. While customers became weary of brick-and-mortar grocery stores due to health-concerns, online grocery shopping has offered them the ability to shop for groceries from the safety of their own houses.

Now, as more states start to loosen their Safer-at-home orders and some sort of normalcy returns to in-person shopping, the future of eCommerce is a bit uncertain. However, now that some customers have tried purchasing groceries online, many may continue to see the benefits of doing so and will continue to shop online long after COVID-19.

As food & beverage brands adapted to the changing market place over the last few months, many have revamped their eCommerce sites to be easier for their customers to use. Many brands have seen a huge increase in direct-to-consumer sales. However, there are still many obstacles to overcome in this market. Building loyalty and reassuring your customers that eCommerce is not only a safe place for them to shop but also is beneficial for them is imperative.

The following infographic breaks down what you, as a brand, can do to improve the eCommerce experience for your customers:

Infographic source: Red Website Design blog

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