Everything You Missed at Expo West

Famed as one of the biggest conventions for the food & beverage industry, the postponing of New Hope Network’s Natural Product Expo West has shaken the industry to its core. Each year thousands of brands gather in Anaheim, CA to showcase their line of products – some of which use Expo West as a platform to announce their brand new products. But with this year’s show being pushed back due to the spread of the coronavirus, many have had to get creative with their product launches!

That’s why we are excited to showcase some of the most exciting launches that were expected to be announced at Expo West!

ReGrained – SuperGrain+ Puffs

Utilizing their patented technology, California based snack company ReGrained has launched their brand new SuperGrain+ Puffs. Available in 5 incredible flavors (including Urban Garden, Texas Pit BBQ, Mexican Street Corn, Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper, and Aged Sharp Cheddar), these puffs are loaded with tons of nutrients and are extremely tasty. According to ReGrained’s CEO Dan Kuzrock, “In addition to being delicious, nutritious, fun, versatile and sustainable, our puffs showcase another unique, commercially viable application for our trade partners. Gram for gram, every point of differentiation about this product demonstrates ReGrained’s potential.”

ReGrained Puffs are available online on Amazon and ReGrained.com and are hitting the shelves soon at grocers in the natural and conventional channels as well as alternative national retailers such as; Imperfect Foods, REI and Cost Plus World Market.

Vive Organic – Electro Restore and Energy + Focus

The number one cold-pressed, Immunity shots brand Vive Organic is expanding their already expansive range of products to include two brand new flavors: Electro Restore and Energy + Focus! Both of these ready-to-drink shots were created with nature’s most potent ingredients. Co-founder, and CEO of Vive Organic, Wyatt Taubman stated, “We found there was a lack of fresh, concentrated energy and sport drink options, so we decided to create formulas that would be functional, yet realistic for a busy life. They’re the perfect on-the-go shots. I take Electro Restore when I feel depleted after a long surf session and Energy + Focus whenever I need to be most creative and focused”.

Vive Organic’s Electro Restore and Energy + Focus shots are available both online and nationwide in many natural and conventional grocery stores.

Otto’s Naturals – Grain-Free Pasta

A leader in the cassava flour segment, Otto’s Naturals is proud to announce the launch of their new grain-free pasta products. These new single-ingredient offerings are available in elbows, penne, fusilli. Each of these pastas are gluten-free, grain-free, and fit into a paleo diet. CEO and founder of Otto’s Naturals, Sadie Olsen stated, “With our Grain-Free Pasta, we’re excited to go one step further in making cassava an everyday food for a wider audience, regardless of culinary skill. We’re excited to reunite the grain-free community with this comfort food classic.”

Otto’s Naturals Grain-Free pasta are not yet available but are set to be released in Q3 in grocery stores nationwide.

Upton’s Naturals – Updog

Already a staple in the vegan alternatives category, Upton Naturals is launching their brand new Updog meat-less hot dog. Utilizing a unique curing process and simple ingredients, this new product aims to nail the iconic texture of traditional hot dogs. Upton Naturals’ founder Dan Staackmann stated, “We’re Chicagoans, our city has a whole hot dog style named after it, and we just couldn’t settle for an adequate, mushy, meat-free alternatives to this American-food favorite anymore. The vegan hot dog needed an upgrade, and that’s just what we’ve done with Updog”.

Updog is not currently available, but it will be hitting Whole Foods this April.

KÖE Kombucha – Lemon Lime & Strawberry Lemonade

A leader in the shelf-stable organic kombucha category, KÖE Kombucha has recently launched two brand new flavors (Strawberry Lemonade and Lemon Lime) as well as a new lower calorie and lower sugar formula. These fruit-forward flavors are made using Stevia and Erythritol, and are sold in their newly revamped packaging to highlight their “better-for-you recipe”. KÖE Kombucha’s CEO Louisa Lawless said, “KÖE Kombucha is for the people who want to make better choices in their everyday lives, but who don’t want to sacrifice flavor. Our new recipe delivers all the health benefits of kombucha in an easy-to-drink can that’s packed with probiotics and organic ingredients”.

These two brand new flavors will be hitting shelves later this year. KÖE Kombucha is available nationwide in select grocery and convenience stores.

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