Improving Your Food & Beverage Brand’s Amazon and E-Commerce Presence

CPG marketing strategies for e-commerce should prioritize optimized product pages, frictionless shopping experiences, and high-quality marketing assets.

Before developing an e-commerce CPG marketing strategy, it’s important to understand that the online shopping experience is very different from the brick-and-mortar one. Limited in-store shelf space requires strategic packaging designs to stand out and appeal to shoppers. Platforms like Amazon, however, provide access to hundreds of products in addition to product pages that present more in-depth information, images, and even feedback from previous customers. So, how can food and beverage brands improve their Amazon and e-commerce presence? 

Optimize Product Pages

Whether product pages are on Amazon or on a brand’s website, optimizing these pages to provide shoppers with clear product details and benefits helps increase conversions. 

Simple things like bullet points are a good way to present relevant information, answer common questions, and explain how a product is unique compared to its competition.

For example, a product that has won quality food awards should make sure to emphasize that feature on the product page. Not only does it substantiate ad claims, but it also provides a unique product differentiation that could be the deciding factor when a shopper decides to add a product to their cart. 

Additionally, since online shoppers can’t pick up and examine a physical product, presenting high-quality images is non-negotiable. Amazon has specific requirements for the main product image, but a clear and enticing image will always have a higher clickthrough rate.

It’s also important to improve your Amazon and e-commerce presence so that they perform better algorithmically. For example, a product title can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to Amazon’s algorithm. It can also influence whether or not shoppers actually click on the product after being presented with multiple options. 

CPG marketing strategies should utilize a combination of consumer values and relevant keywords to strategically craft the product title and description.

Create Frictionless Online Shopping Experiences

Convenience is one of the most significant contributing factors when it comes to the success of e-commerce. That being said, just because a product is available for purchase online, that doesn’t mean the transaction is frictionless. Making it easier for shoppers to actually purchase products will decrease cart abandonment and increase sales. 

An informative product page can do a lot of work in this regard because it should answer common questions that may have otherwise given a shopper pause. In regard to a brand’s website, things like seamless mobile experiences, efficient checkout processes, and top site speed and security also help minimize hassle and improve the customer experience. 

Additional features like product subscriptions are also gaining popularity. Since many CPG products are purchased at regular intervals, it helps customers save both time and money. For brands, it means a customer is committed to their products and is less likely to purchase from a competitor.

Leverage Amazon’s Tools

Different online retailers have unique tools and features to help sellers succeed. Amazon’s tools, however, are perhaps the most robust. While the majority of their tools require Amazon Brand Registry, the membership provides significant benefits that can improve a brand’s overall success on Amazon.

For example, Amazon Analytics provides reports on customer behavior, demographics, trending search terms, and more. Brands can also run A/B testing to compare product images, titles, etc. Product bundles and subscribe & save features also make it easier to nurture customer loyalty and create enticing multiproduct offers.

Premium features like Amazon A+ allow brands to add multimedia content to product listings. From brand graphics, to high-quality lifestyle images, how-to videos, and even comparison charts, this feature helps communicate brand voice and values for higher conversion rates. 

For food and beverage brands, this is an opportunity to showcase recipes, and unique product features, and to get the most out of their Amazon and e-commerce presence.

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