Myth: We Taste on Different Parts of the Tongue

Although the myth was busted in 1974, you may still hear that we taste on different parts of the tongue. There’s a perceived notion that certain parts of the tongue are designated for sensing different tastes. For example sour, sweet, bitter, etc. etc. However, that’s just simply not true. In fact, that’s a much simpler way to understand the human perception of taste. Here are the facts behind this long-standing myth.


Crazy right?! It’s so fascinating that such inaccurate information can become so well known. It is still interesting to know that there are parts of the tongue that are more sensitive to different taste attributes. But they all work together in order for the human brain to perceive taste. It just goes to prove that taste is extremely complex, not only in what is in what we are eating but also how the experience of eating affects taste. For more information about taste, in particular, terms associated with taste, visit our terminology guide. Your friends will love to hear all about your new descriptors for food!

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