Licensee Spotlight: Goya

As an award winner since 2007, Goya has licensed the ChefsBest Excellence and Best Taste awards across a number of their products. From black and pinto beans to green olives and extra virgin olive oil, their award-winning products have leveraged the ChefsBest medallion through various channels including, print and digital ads, FSIs, packaging and even radio commercials.


Guided by trained moderators, ChefsBest Certified Master Tasters use their vast experience and a scientific methodology to determine quality. If a brand surpasses established quality standards, they earn the right to the coveted ChefsBest Excellence Award. This trust-mark is the foundation for producing customized high-production, impactful, and exclusive content to engage consumers where they spend most of their time—in the digital ecosystem—and authorizes a brand’s ability to make substantiated taste claims on pack, online, or in traditional formats.

We do all the heavy lifting for you.  From product category definition, to test design, to the delivery of high-production-value content to engage customer and buyers with, we are a seasoned group of professionals prepared to collaborate and position your brand. The result: trustworthy assets that only ChefsBest can produce through our testing process, our awards, our substantiation of claims, our content production team, and of course our chefs.

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