The Rise of Tech Has Affected the Way We Eat

The rapid, continuous introduction of new technology – the “Rise of Tech” as we like to call it – has no doubt changed the way we choose our food, but it’s also largely changed our mindsets about food.

With easier access to information and products, the world is now much smaller than ever. “Foreign” is no longer as “foreign” as it used to be. Recipes from all over the world have converged through apps created by The Food Network, Eating Well, All Recipes and more, making cuisine from Uzbekistan to Rome more accessible than ever.

Food manufacturers have also begun to cater to our multi-tasking nature, promoting products to have more than one purpose and creating new ones that fulfill that desire.

According to an article published in Psychology Today, “from the antioxidant capabilities of oregano and pepper, to brain-saving turmeric – adding a pinch of good health along with flavor appeals to the multi-tasker in all of us.”

The technological age has brought with it a whole new outlook on food and the way we cook. Here are a few more reasons how our embrace of apps and new technological advances has affected the way we eat:

  • The “newer is better” mentality – think annual rush for the latest smartphone or the massive success of apps – has made us more open to trying new products, especially those promoting optimal health. Tech giants like Microsoft have worked to capitalize on this concept in the food industry by using data to create whole new food ingredients. According to a 2014 report in Wired magazine, companies are now “exploring the vast world of plants to discover natural compounds that can revolutionize food.”
  • Our time is more precious than ever, especially since technology has allowed us to get what we want faster. Companies like Blue Apron, which delivers fresh ingredients and recipes directly to the doors of consumers, has continued to grow in popularity nationwide. According to CEO Matt Salzberg, in an interview televised on Bloomberg News, the company is “making incredible home cooking accessible to people” by providing ingredients that many community grocery stores don’t offer. Sites (and apps) like GrubHub, Eat24 and have also made searching and accessing food from local restaurants easier than ever.
  • Technology has also increased our access to education, leading us to seek out more health-conscious and organic food items. While tech is only one cog in the machine that has given way to the organic food movement, it is definitely a factor. The more we know about the impact certain food items have on our health, especially in the face of rising rates of chronic disease and obesity, the more our choices have evolved.

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