8 Ways Grocery Stores Make People Buy More

You may think your favorite market scores top in your mind because it has the freshest produce or the lowest prices, but research says your preferences may be guided by more when you’re in grocery stores. We all have or favorite stores to shop in, but how much of that is a conscious decision? You may be surprised to know that your preferences are highly determined by the store itself, rather your choice. Whether that be due to the geographic location of the store, to the in-store experience (and your history with that store), there are many factors that affect your decision to shop at particular grocery stores.

Personally, I have very specific stores that I enjoy to shop at. When I’m in a good mood, I will go to Sprouts because I enjoy looking through their selection. The lighting of their store is bright, their floorplan is quite open, and they offer a variety of products that I would be interested in. When I’m in more of a rush or need simple specific items, I will shop at Winco.

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