Taste Is Key for Consumers

In the last decade, consumers have made their food and beverage purchases for a consistent set of reasons according to Food Business News. Results from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Food and Health Survey, reviewed at the International Sweetener Symposium July 29 to August 3 this year, revealed that taste was the top reason in 2016 at 84%, “followed by price at 71%, health, and fitness at 64%, convenience at 52% and sustainability at 41%.”

Interestingly, a third of millennials look to bloggers and other influencers for information on the kinds of food they should be eating. Other major sources of food information for millennials include personal health care professionals, friends, and family members, and U.S. government agencies. Despite the flux in interest over nutrition and natural labels, taste remains the top reason a shopper chooses to purchase their product. Hence taste claims on-pack are still extremely relevant to today’s consumer.


Sterk, Ron. “Survey: Consumers Seeking Information from Unreliable Sources.” Food Business News, 5 Aug. 2016.


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