Flavor Trends You Can Expect in 2018

You could say food and drink flavors are like clothing. Each year, people try on different flavors. Some flavor trends, like exotic ethnic cuisines, stick around while others, like high-sugar sodas, go out of style to the relief of many.

So, what will “the new black” of flavors be in 2018? Check out this list for the kinds of trendy flavor notes your food or beverage brand may want to consider sporting next year.

1. Floral

In 2018, you can expect creative floral twists like edible petals and rosewater. The pallet of floral flavors will include lavender, orange blossom, elderflower, and violet.

2. Puffed and Popped

Technology will help this trend a lot because, you know, puffed rice clusters and puffed pasta bow ties don’t just puff themselves.

3. Entirety

Don’t like your veggies? Too bad. You should not only eat them for your health – all the way from root-to-stem – but also to cut back on food waste. Not that anyone is trying to guilt trip you or anything. But anyway, consuming fruits and vegetables root-to-stem will indeed be a trend in 2018.

4. Experimental Tacos

Really trendy restaurants will be serving dessert tacos (i.e., innovation at its finest). Other varieties, such as breakfast and grain-free tacos, will also be popping up as options.

5. Sparkling

It’s no secret that everyone seems to be obsessed with La Croix or some variation thereof. The trend towards “sparkling beverages” (aka lower-sugar alternatives to traditional soda) will continue into the new year.

6. Fruity

Speaking of water, apparently a lot of people like the taste of berry in their H2O. You can also expect lemon flavor to grow in popularity over the coming year.

7. Maple

We all knew the taste of maple was great, especially when in syrup smothered over your morning carbo-loading as a kid. But guess what? Maple will no longer be confined to the breakfast staples of pancakes and waffles! Thank goodness we’re expanding our horizons.

8. Texturized

Apparently people like sharing their food and drink experiences on social media (#noway). You can bet that consumers next year will appreciate finding interesting texture in their food for more share-worthy experiences.

9. Exotic

The fun of trying ethnic flavors isn’t going away any time soon. Flavors from exotic places like Morocco, India, and Thailand are expected to influence the food scene in the coming year.

Next year will see lots of exciting flavors in hot demand. From trying not to swallow the elderflower floating in your mimosa to succumbing to societal pressure to pickle your leftover watermelon rinds, 2018 is sure to bring some fun and interesting food and drink experiences.