It’s Time to Spice up Your Amazon Page (Part 2)

This blog is the second part of ChefsBest’s series on Amazon product page development. The first part can be found here.

Your appearance on Amazon matters.

Digital is increasingly influencing not only online but also in-store purchases. It is now, thus, more important than ever that food and beverage brands ensure their products rank well on Amazon. After all, the e-tailer gets three times the number of product searches as Google.

While advertising agencies like Marketplace Ignition exist to assist Amazon page development, brand managers can take simple steps on their own to improve the presentation of their brands on Amazon with the goal of achieving higher ranking and consequently higher sales.

National brands in particular stand to benefit from developing their e-commerce pages. As private label increasingly occupies shelf space, national brands are adjusting with more direct-to-consumer options online. Amazon page optimization aligns well with the goals of national brands that are placing greater focus on e-commerce.

Even for brands with strong in-store presence, developing the look and feel of one’s Amazon listing is a wise investment. Ultimately, consumers are accessing online ratings and reviews more and more when making purchase decisions, including those made in-store.

Better images and descriptions will earn your product a better ranking.

Core pillars of the Amazon ranking algorithm include conversion rate, relevancy, and customer satisfaction/retention. High quality images, thoroughly filled-out product descriptions, and effectively completed product features contribute to these core pillars to increase your product’s ranking in Amazon search results.

Amazon has found that its hover-to-zoom feature has a significant effect on conversion rate, so uploading an image that has a high enough resolution to activate hover-to-zoom is an especially good idea.

The ChefsBest award can aid your Amazon marketing efforts.

ChefsBest award licensees can show their award as it would appear in normal packaging in the main Amazon product image. Additionally, ChefsBest award licensees can choose to overlay the ChefsBest logo in product shots under additional images to catch shoppers’ eyes. Award licensees can also insert language about the award in the product description and product features sections to further promote a message of great taste.

Here are a few examples of how ChefsBest award winners are using their awards on Amazon.

Vitafusion uses a product shot that prominently features the award as the main product image.

Mr. and Mrs. T has uploaded a high resolution image that, when hovered over, allows the shopper to clearly view the ChefsBest award seal.

Goya not only shows the award on-pack but also adds that its olives have been award-winning since 2007 in the product features section.

SlimFast promotes its brand message of great taste in the product title – a claim that is then substantiated by the ChefsBest seal shown on-pack.

With the growth of digital, it now more important than ever that food and beverage brands consider ways to optimize their Amazon product pages. A number of options exist for ChefsBest licensees to promote their awards which may, if executed effectively, improve search result ranking, reinforce brand messaging, and consequently increase sales.