Beyond the Shelf – Best Episodes of 2020

This year, on Beyond the Shelf, we had the privilege of talking with an array of guests from across many different sectors of the food & beverage industry. Covering everything from how AI can be used in R&D to how brands should adjust their marketing post-pandemic, we discussed it all. But as 2020 wraps up, lets take a look back at not only some of our favorite episodes from this year but also a few that can help us plan for the new year. So, without further adieu, here are our top 5 episodes of Beyond the Shelf from 2020:

How can food waste be upcycled with Daniel Kurzrock of ReGrained

Expected to be one of the biggest food trends of 2021, upcycled ingredients are changing the industry for the better. Back in April, we caught up with the CEO and Co-Founder of ReGrained, Dan Kurzrock, about how traditional food waste can be repurposed and recycled. They shared with us how they turn leftover grains from local breweries into delicious and healthy snack products, as well as how new technologies could help change the way we think of food waste.

Why hard kombucha should be your new go-to drink with Adam Hiner of Boochcraft

At this point, if you haven’t tried a hard kombucha you are truly missing out. Touching on two of the biggest trends of the year, hard kombucha is not only a better-for-you alochol option but also a great product for those concerend about gut health. In the Spring, we got the chance to sit down with Adam Hiner, the Co-founder of Boochcraft, to discuss their increidbly tasty products and how hard kombucha filled a void in the alochol industry.

How can private labels stand out with Aimee Becker of Daymon

During the early months of the pandemic, many grocers were seeing record sales – in particular for their private label products. We spoke with Aimee Becker of Daymon about what private brands should focus on to keep their momentum going. In the episode, Aimee broke down the history of private labels, and what tips she has for brands navigating through COVID-19.

What is cell-based meat with Megan Poinski of Food Dive

In one of our more controversial episodes, we spoke with journalist Megan Poinski of Food Dive about the growing cell-based “meat” industry, and how this growing trend may change the food industry. Although still a very uncertain trend, cell-based meat has gained quite a bit of traction in the last few months, and we may even see a few products hit shelves within the next year. In this episode, Megan shared with us what exactly cell-based meat is, and how it could be a gamchanger for sustainability.

Why transparency is important in the plant-based industry with Dan Curtin of Greenleaf Foods

As one of the largest manufactures of plant-based meat alternatives, we were thrilled to be able to speak to Dan Curtin of Greenleaf Foods. Being the President of both Field Roast and Lightlife, Dan shared with us the ins and outs of the ever-growing and changing plant-based food market. He also taught us a valuable lesson in transparency, which is extremely important for the entire food & beverage industry.

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