Curating the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

Curating the perfect digital marketing strategy takes quite a bit of time and practice. Many food & beverage brands spend months researching and testing strategies to help their brand stand out across the digital landscape but for many new and emerging brands, this challenge can become very time-consuming. Creating content, managing social media pages, setting up an eCommerce site, email marketing, etc. – all of these things may seem vital to your marketing efforts, but biting off more than you can chew (especially as a small food & beverage brand) may be your downfall. As a brand, it’s important for you to take a step back and access which marketing channels will yield the best results for your brand. Recently, on our podcast Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with Nicole Hamzeloo of Thrive Collective about what smaller food & beverage brands need to consider when creating their digital marketing strategy. Nicole advised brands to really think about where their target market is most active online, and only focus their attention there (at least at first). If your customers aren’t on TikTok or Facebook, or email marketing typically doesn’t catch their attention – focus your attention elsewhere. Curating a digital marketing strategy that works for your brand is a unique experience that takes time and patience, and is only accomplished through trial and error.

The following infographic maps out 9 essential marketing channels for businesses. Take a look through each category and consider how each channel can help you grow your brand. Be realistic and objective. Choose a few channels to focus your attention on at first, and expand from there.

Curating the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

Graphic from Red Website Design

Infographic from Red Website Design

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For more information about creating a digital content strategy that works for your brand, listen to our interview with Nicole Hamzeloo of Thrive Collective on the latest episode of Beyond the Shelf.

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