Harnessing the Power of Home Cooking

After nearly a year of being at home, consumers are starting to feel much more confidant in their cooking abilities. With limited resources, and the inability to dine-out as frequently, many people have started to become more creative and experimental with their home cooking. And many analysts believe that this trend is here to stay.

According to a report published by HUNTER, “Americans are continuing to cook more (51%) and bake more (41%) than they did at the same time last year. Plus, the vast majority (71%) of those who are cooking more intend to continue doing so after the pandemic ends, a 20-point increase since April 2020.” Although these findings are not necessarily new, they point at a continuation of pandemic-driven trends that we were previously unsure of whether or not they would continue. But what exactly does this mean in the long-term, and how can this trend be harnessed by CPG brands?

Inspire and Connect

In a previous blog, we discussed how cooking fatigue has affected consumers in the past few months. However, according to HUNTER, those anecdotal observations have started to shift. In fact, 81% of those surveyed reported feeling enjoyment from cooking at home.  And, “As many cooks can attest and the data shows, home cooking also helps brings families together. 45% of consumers report eating together more as a family and the number climbs to 55% among households with kids.” Cooking is no longer just a daily task for many. Instead, it’s a chance to bond with your loved ones and gather as a household.

For brands, this is a great opportunity to continue to inspire your customers and build a relationship with them through social media. Previously we shared a few tips for brands to help their customers overcome cooking fatigue, and largely all of those tips still apply. However, the context is just slightly different. Depending on your audience, focusing on meals that cater to families or that can be made as a group is key.

Stand Out on Shelves and Online

With more people inspired to cook at home, and the panic-buying phase of the pandemic over, now is your chance to catch customer’s attention on shelves and digitally. In the latest episode of Beyond the Shelf, we spoke with David Klavsons of Calypso Lemonade about what customers are currently looking for in brands and how brands can harness that energy. One point that he made is that many customers are shifting away from purchasing from large brands. They are interested in seeing what more unique, smaller brands have to offer.

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